Judgment Time

I’m entering my first art competition next week. I figure it is time to step up my game…and my exposure. Since I don’t know anything about art, I relied on some of my friends and social media to help me choose among the dozen I thought might be worthy of representing what I’m doing these days.

Just as I thought, most of my favorite pieces fell short on votes and didn’t make the cut for submission to the contest. This is proof that I don’t know what the hell I’m doing as an artist just as I’ve been stating in this blog all along. However, I did receive more positive feedback than I expected. I think people were surprised I was painting at all, let alone painting stuff they might mistake for being attractive. Remember, I just started painting back in August. That’s almost fifty years of NOT painting that my friends had to ignore in order to open themselves up to even entertain the thought of me as an artist. Writer? Whisky enthusiast? Beekeeper? Eccentric, but lovable buffoon? All of those are easier to swallow than me being an artist. Ask any of my friends.

Luckily for me, I’ve had a number of artistic accidents recently that have evolved my capabilities to a level I’m not embarrassed to show. Some might disagree and say I should be embarrassed to show them, but again, luckily for me I don’t have the common sense to listen to those people. But it’s not those people who are trying to talk me out of it. It’s myself.

Who in the hell do I think I am, entering a regional art competition? People only enter those who have been “arting” for years! I’ve been at it for less time than it takes for a woman to grow a baby!

Thank you, Mr. Lack-of-confidence. You can sit down and shut up now.

And that is just how I have to handle my misgivings about entering my paintings in the competition. The amount of time I’ve been painting has very little to do with the worthiness of my artwork. Thankfully, art doesn’t require the same planning, engineering, nor education of rocket science. And that’s the nice thing about submitting art anonymously. The judges don’t have any idea if the pieces they are looking at are painted by a trained master or an untrained chimp. Granted, a painting by a chimp is more likely to include feces as a medium than a painting by a trained master, but I figure as long as I limit my efforts to using acrylics I can still be potentially confusing when it’s judging time.

So, the three paintings I’m submitting to the contest are below. They are the ones that received the most votes by a small list of friends who found it worth their time to give me the feedback I was seeking. Though they aren’t necessarily my favorite paintings, I like each one and am feeling pretty good about submitting them. I am not expecting anything special to come of it, but you never know. Hell, every journey starts with a single step. My first step at painting started last August. My first step at thinking my stuff might not be total crap starts next week.

I’ll let you know how far I got with that step in a future post.



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