Busy, Busy

What?! I haven’t posted on this blog in over eight months? Sorry, but I’ve been experiencing such a creative “YAWP!” during that time that I was focusing on being painty and writey more than bloggy. So, here’s the run-down:

-I’ve finally finished the rough draft of my novel and am now working on revisions.
-Another painting (the one below) was accepted into a juried show late in the summer at an art museum in the town I live in and was on display for about 2 months.


-I came across a bunch of vintage windows that needed some color and have been painting on them feverishly. You can see an example below.


-I was fortunate enough to have over twenty pieces exhibited in a local art show spread over a number of different business in town, with one location setting up a gallery display of a whole bunch of them. They kept a few on consignment to sell at the store (thanks Frames Unlimited!). That’s me in the picture when my beard was still short and socially acceptable.


-Found a venue to show another piece I did on an old door as part of the world’s largest art competition (ArtPrize®). No. I did not win. A real artist won 😉


-Have continued to experiment with form and style on my glass pieces while dabbling into the realm of canvas. Will blog about those later.

Just wanted to let you know that I wasn’t dead. Gotta go paint!

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