It’s All One Direction

I suppose the fact that I have made such a horrible showing of keeping up with posts on this blog should be a testament to inertia instead of laziness. I have been painting so much over the past year, I have been focusing on each painting after the other, like steps along a path, rather than documenting those steps. I don’t feel my paintings are changing because of new directions, but rather I am experiencing new territories along that one direction I started a couple of years ago — to try to find my voice in art.

And part of that direction is the realization that my need for blogging on this journey has changed. It has gone from an intellectual accounting of the path to an emotional appreciation of the path. Like the intuition that drives the paint, I am feeling the whole experience intuitively, even writing about it. So, with that being said, I don’t know what each blog will be anymore. Will it be a painting with a haiku? A painting with a poem? A painting with just some statement I think of at the time?

The picture below is one I painted this past weekend using just a palette knife, pouring the paint directly on the canvas board and spreading it out, a technique I’ve been doing for a couple of months now. It’s a new territory I’m enjoying. We’ll see how this moves along and how I want to talk about it or blog about it.


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